An escape room is the perfect birthday party activity that lets you spend some quality time with your family and friends. For the parents out there, this is your chance for an hour of peace and quiet away from a room full of kids, well at least while they’re in the game room for an hour. 🙂 We host parties for players of all ages starting from ages 6 and up. Win or lose, the birthday player always wins with a free game within’ three days of their birthday.

Here are a few details on our parties to get you started:

  • We used to have a party room, but since the beginning of Covid, we decided to close it down and it is now our build room where we create amazing new adventures. If you need party lunch ideas we’re more than happy to recommend a few options including McDonald’s, Fat Burger, Rickies, Brown’s Social house, I Am Pho and other great restaurants within’ walking distance of the store.
  • Themes: All of our themes are all-age appropriate except our Chaos Effect, but our most popular theme is our Medieval Prison which holds up to 10 kids and one adult. If ANY of the players in the room are aged 13 or under you will need to have one person aged 18 years or older to play with them. There are unfortunately no exceptions to this rule. Don’t worry no matter the age of the players – our game masters will help with hints and nudges to make sure you have a great time in the room!!
  • Booking a Room: All available time slots are viewable and bookable on The online booking is just a reservation. We take all payments when you get to the store. You will receive a confirmation email directly after booking where you can edit or cancel anytime between when you receive it and the day before your event. When you book the room, all available spots in the room are yours, we would never pair you with strangers. If your numbers change, no need to let us know, just don’t go over the room maximum. And if you need to cancel your room, please give us as much notice as possible so we can open up the time slot to other players. If you are booking a room for kids under 14, it is okay to add one extra child to the room. Our online booking system unfortunately won’t let you add the child, so just book the room maximum and know that it’s okay to bring the extra child. 🙂
  • Free Birthday Game: Birthday players are free within 3 days of their birthday. There are no rain cheques, early offers or any other exceptions to this policy, sorry. Most other companies offer the free game on the actual birth date. We figured giving a three day range is fair. If your birthday players birth date falls within three days of your game be sure to show the staff a form of ID with their birth date on it at check in and their play is on us!
  • Rates: Kids 12 and under are $15 each and all other players are $28 each – we use the honour system and we trust that you’ll let us know the accurate ages of the kids when booking. GST will be added to all admissions.
  • Goodie Bags: We have goodie bags available to order via the form below. These are in limited supply so be sure to let me know if you’d like them and we’ll have them ready for you ahead of time.
  • Check-in: To make check-in smoother be sure to have parents of the escapees fill out the online waiver anytime between now and the party, and you can either email us a list of kids first and last names as well as ages, or give the staff a handwritten list at check-in when you arrive so we can verify waivers that have come in.
  • Vaccine Passport: Escape rooms were not included in the vaccination passport program, so we will not be checking them.
  • Masks: Due to the ongoing health situation we require everyone within our building to be masked at all times. We understand that the mask mandate has been removed, but we have found that the vast majority of our customers and all of our staff feel more comfortable with masking since we’re often in close proximity to players. We think it’s a pretty small thing to ask and we will of course revisit this decision as everyone’s comfort level changes.

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