An escape room is the perfect birthday party activity that lets you spend some quality time with your family and friends. For the parents out there, this is your chance for an hour of peace and quiet away from a room full of kids, well at least while they’re in the game room for an hour. 🙂 We host parties for players of all ages starting from ages 6 and up. Win or lose, the birthday player always wins with a free game within’ three days of their birthday.

Here are a few details on our parties to get you started:

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have chosen to close our party room for the time being. We will reassess this policy as time goes on. We have left our party room info up for future reference.
  • The birthday player’s admission is free for one game within 3 days of their birthday. There are no rain cheques, early offers or any other exceptions to this policy, sorry. Please bring ID or a birth certificate to verify the age of the birthday player.
  • Kids 12 years of age and younger are only $15 each.
  • Players 13 years of age and older are $28 each.
  • We have a party room available for $75. You get the room 15 minutes before your game, until an hour after the players get out of their game room, so your total visit with us is right around 2 hours and 15 minutes. With your party room rental, we supply the tables, table cloths and stools and we have a fridge to store an ice cream cake. You bring the food and any non-alcoholic beverages you like. Don’t forget your cake knife, cutlery, plates, candles, lighter/matches, etc.Note: The party room is not available for booking on our booking site. It is only available for booking via the below form. If you want to call in and book the party room, we’ll still need you to complete the below form in order to confirm that you understand the party room rules. They’re simple rules, but they help us continue to provide a great experience for all customers.
  • All players attending a party MUST have a signed waiver either by the player themselves if they’re 18 or over, or by their parent. Our waivers can be signed on this site via our waiver page. Simply text or email the parents of the attendees a link to:

To give you more detailed information on a Trapped birthday party, we have put together the following interactive form. Make your selections and learn more about our parties.

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