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Escape Room Birthday Party

An escape room is the perfect birthday party activity that lets you spend some quality time with your family and friends. For the parents out there, this is a great activity for kids parties for ages 8 and up. Win or lose, the birthday player always wins with a free game within’ three days of their birthday.
Here are a few details on our parties to get you started:
  • Themes: All of our themes are all-age appropriate except our Chaos Effect room. Our most popular and largest birthday party theme is our Medieval Prison which holds up to 10 kids and one adult. If ANY of the players in the room are aged 13 or under you will need to have one person aged 18 years or older to play with them. There are unfortunately no exceptions to this rule. Don’t worry no matter the age of the players – our game masters will help with hints and nudges to make sure you have a great time in the room!!
  • Booking a Room: All available time slots are viewable and bookable on The online booking is just a reservation. We take all payments when you get to the store. You will receive a confirmation email directly after booking where you can edit or cancel anytime between when you receive it and the day before your event. When you book the room, all available spots in the room are yours, we would never pair you with strangers. If your numbers change, no need to let us know, just don’t go over the room maximum. And if you need to cancel your room, please give us as much notice as possible so we can open up the time slot to other players. If you are booking a room for kids under 14, it is okay to add one extra child to the room. Our online booking system unfortunately won’t let you add the child, so just book the room maximum and know that it’s okay to bring the extra child. 🙂
  • Free Birthday Game: Birthday players are free within 3 days of their birthday. There are no rain cheques, early offers or any other exceptions to this policy, sorry. Most other companies offer the free game on the actual birth date. We figured giving a three day range is fair. If your birthday players birth date falls within three days of your game be sure to show the staff a form of ID with their birth date on it at check in and their play is on us!
  • Rates: Kids under the age of 10 are $16.99 + tax each, and all other players are $29.99 + tax each – we use the honour system and we trust that you’ll let us know the accurate ages of the kids when booking. GST will be added to all admissions.
  • Goody Bags: Our goody bags are all sold out. We hope to bring them back in the future when we can reliably source awesome goody bag items. In the mean team we have candy cones, freezies, and for the ultimate party favour, we have take home escape games you can purchase.
  • Check-in: To make check-in smoother be sure to have parents of the escapees fill out the online waiver anytime between now and the party, and you can either email us a list of kids first and last names as well as ages, or give the staff a handwritten list at check-in when you arrive so we can verify waivers that have come in.

Frequently Asked Questions

The only room we don’t recommend for kids 12 and under is Chaos Effect due to the room difficulty, excessive blood splatter in the room, and a violent murder scene. All other rooms are playable and loved by kids. Some rooms are dark, but we can fix that by giving them extra lanterns. If the music is scary, we can turn it down or off.

Yes, due to insurance and City of Coquitlam rules we require an adult in the room with any group that has players under the age of 14. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Party room rules:


In consideration of using the party room, I hereby agree as follows: 

  1. Agree to vacate the room promptly by the end of my allocated time; this ensures there is time to reset the room for the next group. The standard party room rental time is two hours and fifteen minutes unless previously agreed upon by both parties. This gives you fifteen minutes before your game until an hour after your game. 


  1. Agree to leave the room in the same condition that I received it in, ie. tables cleared, garbage in provided receptacles, recycling in the bins, and any added decor removed. If a garbage bag is full, please let us know. We would be happy to empty the garbage for you. If you have big pizza boxes, just leave them stacked nicely beside the bins. 


  1. The party room is intended for player use. Up to 6 additional guests can join the players in the party room. There are no exceptions to this rule. 


  1. A rental fee of $75 applies to the use of the party room. We do not offer any discounts on this fee. The rental fee is for the use of our party room, which includes tables, table cloths and stools. You supply the food and anything else you need for the party. 


  1. An escape room is a mental exercise that requires focus. Kids will be kids and while they don’t need to stay focused 100% of the time, they should be able to hold their focus for most of the hour in the room followed by another hour in the party room. And when they cannot hold their focus, we expect the parents hosting the party to help and keep the kids on task. An escape room party at Trapped is not a place to come and let your kids run wild for a couple of hours while you chill on the couch. We hope you understand. Some parents haven’t in the past and this is why we had to add this language to our waiver. 


  1. Party room patrons are expected to contain their group to the party room and not overflow into the hallways, lobby, or other common spaces. We are a business and as such we will have other customers in the building. We have a spacious party room and we hope you enjoy it. Kids are asked not to bang on the walls or doors of game rooms, which would interrupt other customers and their experience. We also ask that there are no games of tag, fighting, running or any other such activities in our lobby, hallway and especially behind our front desk. And please respect our furniture and help the kids do the same. We are a small family business and a lot of cost and effort was put into building our space and creating an amazing experience for our customers. 


  1. While we have a large foyer, it is not an alternative to using the party room. This is for the use of all Trapped customers and must be kept clear of food and drinks. 


  1. If you would like to have alcohol in the party room for an adult based event, you must provide your own liquor license. Special event permits can be purchased online with minimal effort and cost from 


  1. There are no dogs allowed in our facility with the exception of certified service dogs. 

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